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We all know that drivers of commercial vehicles waste a remarkable quantity of time staying idle even when the truck is loaded with cargo. The OAK and Gold Telematics Solution, provides you with direct bird’s eye view into the action of each vehicle of the fleet, thus enhancing transparency between yourself and the driver. This facilitates streamlining of your employees enhancing operational management and supply chain. In addition, a reduction in communication gap can strengthen your workforce and improve employee satisfaction rates. The Oak and Gold Visibility platform provides a unique industry leading multi-modal approach to tracking cargo and making sure that you keep track of your goods every step of the way. With a variety of hardware sensors available to suit every budget and requirement you will find the tracking solution that suits your needs.
We Make sure that you do not play hide and seek with your vehicle, we provide all your team with the credentials to monitor your fleet, which will facilitate regulating driver’s behavior such as Overspending, Harsh breaks and Excess Acceleration which at most times is the cause of accidents. The real time visibility provides your company management with the possibility to take appropriate remedial actions in prevention of any accidents that may take place. Investing in our telematics solution will improve your staff KPIs such as decline in loss of work hours, maintenance expenditures and reduced vehicle downtime.
Our solution will facilitate improving driver performance and potency, and eradicate hazardous driving practices
The redundant idle period might be the one major concerning factor for fleet managers since excessive idling leads to unnecessary energy loss in addition fuel syphoning has given hauliers sleepless nights. The OAK and Gold sophisticated telematics solution will provide you with all the alerts and reports that will enable you regulate the vice
Our Telematics solutions will assist your company restrain pollution by providing reports that will identify vehicle that possesses an adverse influence on fuel wastage thus idling whilst the engine is on. Moreover, efficient route optimization, along with effective fleet scheduling with GPS, helps decrease hours the fleet spends being stuck in traffic. Therefore, this leads to a decrease in the number of pollutant vapours that are delivered in the atmosphere

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