Oak and Gold About

Oak and Gold is Kenyan company incorporated under the laws of Kenya that specializes in provision of telematics solutions for transport and logistics companies. We major in the provision of;

  • Fleet Management and Fuel Monitoring,
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Services
  • Axle Load Monitoring.

We are also an approved vendor by the Government of Kenya providing ECTS services to transporters moving Transit Cargo, Bonded Cargo, Single Vehicle Units(SVU) within the Kenya borders.

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Oak and Gold Trackig Screen

Cargo Tracking.
All the Features You Need
For Less Than You Expect.

  • Real-time or Relevant time tracking
  • Real-time alerts for cargo tampering, route deviation etc.
  • Highly configurable User Interface
  • Fully scalable for small operations to nationwide enterprises.
  • Built-in advanced reporting system
  • Email Alerting System.
  • Full Security and auditing functionalities.

Advanced Telematics
Fleet Management Solution.

Managing a fleet of trucks can be cumbersome and costly. Oak and Gold offers you an advanced telematics solution that apart from the typical ones has the following unique features;

Real Time Tracking

Asset Management

Driver Behaviour Analysis

Fuel Management

Insight Reporting

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Oak and Gold Fleet Management System


We Have a 24/7
Managed Control Room.

OAK and GOLD has a control room team that is managed centrally and works 24/7 to provide support.

We Help You Minimize Operation Costs.

We help you optimize your operations and reduce operational costs such as fuel, and insurance premiums.

We Help You Influence Fleet Safety & Reduce Risks.

We help you manage resources, & analyse their performance,thus anticipate risks & ensure fleet safety.

Costly Management Mistakes that Oak and Gold Helps You Avoid

We Help You Avoid These Costly Management Mistakes

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